The Value of One Lamb

The Value of One LambWhat is one lamb worth? The Bible shares with us a beautiful parable of a shepherd that had a hundred sheep, yet when one went astray, he left the ninety and nine to go search for the one that was lost. The Value of One Lamb gives us a look into the lives of people who have left the fold and have become trapped in darkness.

Many of these lost lambs feel helpless and alone. Some feel God doesn’t love them anymore. This attitude has driven them into a deeper state of hopelessness. They do not feel that there is anyone that they can confide in, nor anyone that truly cares. Therefore, their lives are ridden with guilt and shame.

From personal testimonies to Biblical references Pam Vaughn gives us insight into these situations. She not only provides biblically based hope for the lost sheep, but gives scriptural insight and references to the church members on how they can help those that are lost in the wilderness and how they can be reconciled to Christ.

Have you wandered away from the fold? Do you have a loved one that has gone astray? If so, this book is for you. Whether it is homosexuality or any other sin, Jesus is the answer. Calvary and the Lamb of God offers hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak, and restoration to the lost. One lamb is worth it all.

Gregg Stone
Gregg Stone is a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International and a staff writer for IBC Perspectives magazine.

“The Value of One Lamb” Book Blurbs

With transparency, love, and a message of compassion and hope, Pam Vaughn offers a path of redemption and restoration to the hurting sinner and the backslider. She
reminds us that Jesus cares for every lost lamb and the prodigal should be welcomed by the church with open arms because no one is beyond the reach of His mercy.

Lanette Kinsey

With personal testimonies and Biblical references, Pam Vaughn provides hope for the hurting, often confused backsliders.

In this book, Pam also includes solid suggestions how church members can love and help reconcile those lost in the wilderness back into the fold and to Christ.

In these last days, it is critical that we as Christians find these lost sheep. We must shoulder them and, with rejoicing, bring them home again.

Gregg Stone
Writer for IBC Perspectives

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